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German Human Rights Network expresses great concern about impunity, extrajudicial killings and so-called trumped-up charges

Quezon City, 14.02.2014 - A delegation of the Action Network Human Rights-Philippines (ANHRP) visited the Philippines from February 10-14. The respresentatives of seven major German church and civil society organizations met with victims of human rights violations, human rights defenders, partner organizations and state authorities. They expressed concern about the continuing human rights violations in the Philippines, with an increasing trend of so-called trumped-up charges and the lack of progress to end impunity.

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Philippine Human Rights Defender in Danger: Human Rights Group asks German Parliamentarians to speak up for the safety of Cocoy Tulawie

Cologne, 10.01.2013  – The German-based Action Network Human Rights –Philippines (AMP) commemorates the first anniversary of the arrest of Human Rights Defender Cocoy Tulawie by asking President Aquino and German Parliamentarians to spare no effort to protect the life and health of this human rights activist.

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German Human Rights Advocacy Network demands stop of politically motivated killings in the Philippines

Cologne/Germany- 146 unresolved politically motivated killings of Philippine activists is the disillusioning balance of almost two and a half years of the Government of President Aquino. On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day on December 10 the Action Network Human Rights - Philippines (AMP) points out to the increasing number of victims among the indigenous peoples.

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"Investigation in killing of Fr. Fausto must include new evidence", demands German Advocacy group

On October 17, 2011 Italian activist priest Fausto Tentorio was shot and killed by a gunman inside his parish compound in the town of Arakan, North Cotabato, in Mindanao. A local paramilitary group Bagani (“tribal warriors”), reportedly under military control of the 57 th Infantry Battalion, is allegedly responsible for the killing of Father Fausto.
However, despite various sworn testimonies by different witnesses about the involvement of Bagani leader
Jan Corbala alias “Kumander Iring” and other suspects as plotters of the killing, they have not been included in the government’s investigation.

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PRESS RELEASE "Human Rights Report of the Philippines to the UN lacks measurable results"

On 29 May 2012, the Philippines will be reviewed as part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) before the UN Human Rights Council on the implementation of its human rights obligations.

The Philippine government receives in advance the opportunity to explain in a government report, what measures it has taken to improve the human rights situation in the country and to fulfill its international human rights obligations.

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