Violent Dispersal of Protests in Kidapawan City

Violent Dispersal of Protests Kidapawan CityThe Aktionsbündnis Menschenrechte – Philippinen (AMP - Action Network Human Rights – Philippines) calls for an independent investigation of the violent dispersal of the protests in Kidapawan City on April 1 when two people died after police forces shot at the protesters. Over a hundred people were hurt  and dozens were arrested.

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Arson Attack on Evacuation Camp of Indigenous Lumads at UCCP Haran

Arson Attack UCCP HaranThe Aktionsbündnis Menschenrechte – Philippinen (Action Network Human Rights – Philippines – AMP) is deeply concerned about the arson attack on the evacuation camp of indigenous Lumads in Mindanao at the compound of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) in Davao City on February 24, 2016. Five people evacuees burn injuries, while the perpetrators clearly accepted that people would have died if they had not woken up on time.

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Libel Case against Staff Members of the Philippine Misereor Partnership

Edel Garingan - Philippine Misereor PartnershipThe Aktionsbündnis Menschenrechte – Philippinen (AMP – Action Network Human Rights Philippines) expresses its grave concern over the criminalization of four staff members of the Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. (PMPI) who are facing charges for criminal libel under the Cyber Crime Prevention Act of 2012. The charges were filled by the Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC), a company which pursues a controversial mining project on Manicani Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar which is opposed by PMPI.

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German Government concerned about human rights situation of Indigenous Peoples in Mindanao

The German Government sees little improvement in the human rights situation in the Philippines during the Aquino administration. In its answer to a parliamentary interpellation of the Left party in the German Bundestag, the government acknowledges that Philippine law protects human rights. But this is offset by a rampant impunity and a justice system which is in dire need of reform which leads to considerable human rights deficits. Severe human rights violations continue to occur which include extra-judicial killings of human rights defenders, activists, and journalists. 

Germany is also concerned about the human rights situation of the indigenous Lumads in Mindanao. It received reports about killings, torture, and forced displacement of Lumads from their ancestral domains. Germany supports the United Nations´ recommendation to revoke Executive Order 546 which permits the establishment of paramilitary groups.

Answers to Interpellation (Drucksache 18/7012 - In German)

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Parliamentary Breakfast "The Importance of Truth and Justice for Achieving Lasting Peace"

Parlamentarisches Frühstück der Internationalen AdvocacynetzwerkeOn November 12, the AMP together with other advocacy networks organized a parlamentary breakfast in the German Bundestag on the topic of "The Importance of Truth and Justice for Achieving Lasting Peace". By giving examples from countries in Africa, Latinamerica, and Asia, Members of Parliament were briefed on the challenges of dealing with human rights violations after violent conflicts or dictatorships.

AMP-coordinator Johannes Icking urged the parlamentarians to support transitional justice initiatives in Mindanao which are indispensible to gain a sustainable peace and emphasized how important Germany's contribution to this would be.

For the event, the advocacy networks published a joint dossier which highlights the various problems and contexts of reconciliation in different countries and issues recommendations for the German Parliament.

Dossier: Die Bedeutung von Vergangenheitsarbeit, Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit bei der Konsolidierung von Frieden (in German)

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